About Me

I was born in London but have lived in Italy most of my life. I studied archeology at University College London, where I approached photography thanks to an illustration course of archaeological finds. Back in Italy, I started working as an assistant to a well-known photographer of monuments and archaeological finds. I then decided to be a freelance photographer, working with numerous magazines including: Ville & Casali, Casa Naturale and Alice Cucina, and with various tourism institutions as a photo-reporter. I prefer above all travel and nature photography. I’ve travelled around the world photographing, capturing the anthropological aspects as well as the natural side of the environments. 

I collaborated with the Wall Street International Magazine (now Meer), publishing regularly travel journals. I teach Travel and Creative Writing as well as the Literature generated during the Grand Tour by famous travellers at the Institute Lorenzo De’ Medici in Tuscania (VT). I love archaeology, nature and horses, so it makes sense to put together one’s passions and share them. 

Ponte del Diavolo, Roman Bridge over the Fiora river at Vulci. The castle hosts an Etruscan museum.


Why not enjoy a holiday in Italy visiting mysterious archeological sites in the Italian countryside, enhancing your photographic techniques, immersed in great landscapes and  tasting yummy food!