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I have travelled around the world, always thinking that somewhere else was more exotic that home, but what is “exotic”? Alain de Botton defined exotic as something that we consider different to our usual experience. I used to consider exotic the tropics, but really, what country is more exotic that Italy, that practically has it all? Snowy mountains sharing the highest peak of Europe with France, The Montblanc; enchanted woods, crystal clear waterfalls, thermal springs, active volcanoes, breathtaking landscapes, rolling hills, amazing islands, white beaches and turquoise seas. And as this was not enough, Italy has 40% of the world’s cultural heritage varying from Roman cities, to Greek temples, Etruscan necropoli, magnificent palaces, enchanted gardens, mediaeval castles and fortresses, rich museums, cities that are museums themselves, and obviously delicious food and refined liqueurs and wines.

There are many places in Italy that are off the beaten track and that many would find quite exotic.

Have you ever been to Maremma? Maremma is one of my favourite places on earth because it encloses all of my passions.

Maremma, as Dante placed it, is:

…between Cecina and Corneto
Runs through no rougher nor more tangled places. 

(Inferno, XIII, 9-12)

Maremma stretches today from Livorno (Cecina) to Tarquinia (Corneto) and includes the coastline and the inner lands of Southern Tuscany and Northern Lazio, that are still rather unspoiled and quite unexplored.

I’m a keen archaeologist, photographer and lover of horses and nature, what best way to explore archaeological sites if not on horseback? Italy is amazing for this, everywhere you go, there is a piece of history hidden in woods or next to a river or a lake. Some places are so remote, that you can only reach them on horseback or on foot.

Walking is also a very popular way to explore the country, and Italy offers a great variety of them from religious ones (The Via Francigena is probably the most famous) to old transhumance paths.

Travelling has helped me look at my home town with different eyes, I have discovered that you never finish discovering a place and that there are so many stories, legends, myths, facts and features about every place, and I can’t wait to share all this with you!

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Tuscia will surprise you! Between Florence and Rome, the province of Viterbo will leave you speechless. It’s off the beaten track as the nearest airport is Rome and most tourist that arrive here are either walking or driving through Italy, it is not easy to visit if you have no means of transport, this is why we are happy to help you discover this amazing land! Why do I love it so much? Because it was the land of the Etruscans, the people the Romans owe so much. The early history of Rome is closely intertwined with that of the Etruscans. It is thanks to them and their advanced society, if Rome became the Rome we know.

Lago Pellicone, Parco Archeologico di Vulci